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Theta Fuel
Theta Fuel

Theta Fuel is the second token (gas token) of the Theta Network. Theta Fuel is a native token on the Theta blockchain. TFUEL powers on-chain operations like payments to relayers for sharing a video stream, or for deploying or interacting with smart contracts. Relayers earn TFUEL for every video stream they relay to other users on the network.

What Is Theta Token (THETA)?

sharing of bandwidth.

Currently, video delivery networks suffer from poor reach to less developed countries, a high-cost setup and a centralized makeup. This lends itself to abuse and cutouts to service. Furthermore, Theta sees the current infrastructure as unprepared for the accelerating demands it will face due to 4K, 8K, virtual reality and other developments, such as light field technology.

Theta is building a peer-to-peer (P2P) mesh network that aims to solve these current issues while using a blockchain to serve as an incentive layer to keep the delivery network at a continual high performance.

How Does Theta Work?

Theta is comprised of two parts. The first is its video delivery network. This is formed from nodes that join the network and contribute their bandwidth. This network is what forms the actual decentralized video delivery. The second part is the Theta blockchain. This is for incentive purposes, to give a reason for participants to join the delivery network.

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